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Walking Sticks
The works shown below are currently in stock and for sale. Please click on each item for a larger image, details and cost.  If you would like to order, please contact me.

Colonial Eagle Walking Staff: Equality

Carved of black walnut, this stick also features an elk antler accent collar.  The handgrip design depicts a colonial style patriotic eagle, with inlaid eyes of maple and ebony. The shaft has inlaid stars between a scrolling transcription, which is inspired from Declaration of Independence Preamble.  Finished with polyurethane/whitewash antique effect and a copper tip at the bottom for durability.  Measures 46" long.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all PEOPLE are created equal...

$700.00 + shipping

Whimsical Cherry Maple Walking Staff

This stick has a whimsical solid cherry topper a black walnut accent collar. The shaft is fashioned of solid maple, has decorative carved scrolling in the grip area, and has a pyrographic treatment applied.  Finished with polyurethane and a copper tip at the bottom for durability.  Measures 53" long.

$700.00 + shipping

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