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Welcome to my Woodcarving Studio!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Welcome to my new website! I have the pleasure of having two distinct audiences: those who are collectors and purchase my carvings, and fellow woodcarvers who enjoy my books and articles. As a first time blogger, my activity here will surely evolve as time goes by, but what I plan on doing is occasionally posting in-progress projects, insights, and heads-up when something new comes around.

A bit of history: I have been on the net for many years now at my former site, (still up and running for the time being), however, it was not a site that was interactive-friendly and was not easy to update. Because of those reasons, I was guilty of not doing much updating with it. I have created a new, fresh looking site that is easy to maintain with a new domain name as well, simply

Moreover, the old site was primarily focused on custom walking stick design for private commissions. Although I still plan to provide that service to folks, I would also like to shift back to my folk carvings: Santas, angels and the like. These were the carvings that I started with, and put me on the map, so to speak. Wood spirits are another item of my past that I would like to continue to make available as well.

So here goes! Although I can’t pretend that I will be a faithful daily blogger (in fact, I can guarantee that I will not be), I will certainly post stuff as often as I can.

To kick things off, and in the spirit of Halloween, I am sharing a past commission of an Automata Dancing Witch. Enjoy!

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